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Other Attributes

Divine Blessing (8 pts/level)
A character with this advantage not only is watched by the heavens, they directly intervene to keep the character alive to fulfill their plans. When a character is targeted by a lethal attack, trap, hostile environment, or even a sudden accident, the ties of fate shift and whether by miracle or chance, the character will remarkably survive. Just bear in mind, surviving is not always in one piece, nor is it remaining unharmed.

Enhancing Ability (4 pts/level)
A character with this advantage is a master smith, even if they are unaware of it. In technical terms the character with this ability can speak with the spirits within equipment, and change, modify, or even improve them with very little effort. If the character is a crafter they not only improve such items, but create possible legendary items or artifacts.
Lv.1 – Small modifications (5 to 10 points)
Lv.2 – Medium modifications (15 to 20 points)
Lv.3 – Large scale modifications (25 to 30 points)
Lv.4 – Impressive modifications (35 to 40 points)
Lv.5 – Legendary modifications (45 to 50 points)
Lv.6 – Artifact level modifications (55 to 60 points)

Evolutionary Form (10 pts/level)
A character with this advantage has a second or more ascended form. This form is often a magnified version with better physical abilities, such as a combat form, or a form that shows their true abilities.

There are two ways of using this advantage.
The first of which is the character transforms into a more powerful version of themselves, multiplying their stats by the level of this advantage. Generally speaking a character may select up to 2 different stats to improve, a third is usually only available by taking severe penalties to the fourth.

The second of which is the character’s true form is sealed, hidden, or powered down normally. This hides the true capabilities and renders the character undetectable, to most technology and magic. A character may have the ability to control the transformation, having been sealed by someone else. Only when the seal is weakened, broken, or released does the character have access to their true abilities. In this case, level taken determines how weak the character can appear, or how well they can hide their power from detection.

Healing Ability (2 pts/level)
A character with this advantage can heal others of damage, conditions, and possibly even bring the recently dead back to life. Generally it is assumed the character can heal damage up to their (spirit stat x their level) in healing ability. If this brings a character from a negative health to positive they are revived. Generally it is assumed that a character can heal a single condition per level of healing ability they take, or can affect +1 target per level.

Conditions that can be cured are; Blind, Burned, Charmed, Chilled, Confused, Cursed, Dazed, Deaf, Disease, Dizzy, Doom, Drained, Drugged, Immobile, Incapacitated, Passive, Paralyzed, Poison, Rot, Slowed, Stone, Stunned, Tangled, Weakened

Item of Power (4 pts/level)
The character with this attribute possesses an item of advanced technology, or magic that allows the character to use powers, they normally do not possess. In most cases however, having such an item makes the character a target by others who also wish to possess said item. If the item is no longer in the character’s grasp, or under their control, they lose the powers it grants until it is returned.

An item of power is created using power points. It is generally assumed that an item grants 8 points of powers per level of Item of Power taken. The player should work with the GM to determine what abilities, powers the item gives, and any methods of using or activating them.

Legendary Fighter (2 pts/level)
A character with this attribute not only has access to learning techniques, and special energy moves to damage opponents, but they also gain a resistance when fighting those with special powers. Levels in this attribute allow a character to shrug off spells, ignore breath weapons, and even fight against instant death effects. Rather then using their spirit or mental to defend against such effects they can use their physical or combat stat. For each level in legendary fighter, the character also gets a bonus to defend against said effects, as long as they are attacking.

Ninja Training (2 pts/level)
A character with this attribute has been trained to be a ninja. This involves misdirection, disguise, stealth, and attacking techniques. The character not only gains the ability to get ninja tricks, but also to create elemental attacks which uses energy to activate. At higher levels, the character may be able to use multiple elements at once. When this attribute is selected, the character chooses Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, or Genjutsu training (Body, Spirit, or Mind) and gains a bonus to such. They also have a possibility of using such technique to shrug off powers and other dangers.

Spellcasting Ability (4 pts/level)
A character with this advantage has learned how to access spells to damage, protect, or change the environment around themselves. A character with this ability may select a group of spells they know, or special attacks, or even other attributes/powers for their powers. These spells generally have to be learned, but once learned the caster can cast them using their personal or environment energy pools. Furthermore a character can limit themselves to a single school or two, and make those spells they have access to much more powerful.

Summoning Ability (8 pts/level)
A character with this advantage is not usually powerful themselves. They however use friends to fight and protect them. Whether it’s summoned creatures, avatars from cards, pocket monsters, or even captured monsters the character can summon them to fight on their behalf. Each level generally allows a single summon, but multiple levels can go towards particularly powerful creatures. The player should work out a template with the GM about what abilities and powers are available for their summons.

Words of Power (10 pts/level)

Words, particularly names have power. A character with this attribute has learned the name of numerous minor magical forces, and a single major magical force. By calling a creature by it’s name you gain mastery over it, and possibly even the environment. Not only does the character have access to using words of power they do know, but have the potential to learn new words of power. This can allow them to control the environment, protect others from attacks, or control their enemies very movements.

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