Defects your character is not perfect

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Defects your character is not perfect

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The character is hooked on something, be it drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, sex, or sheer speed, so much s that they will spend unhealthy amounts of time and money seeking another hit and allowing their compulsion to take control of their life.

1 BP – The addicition is mild and can be controlled for a few days with conscious effort. After that they must satisfy their need.

2 BP – The addiction must be satisfied at every opportunity and is the main compulsion in the character's life, to the exclusion of all other matters.
Ageism is the discrimination based solely on the age (or preceived age) of the character. Characters with this Defect are younger than average and may be treated differently by others. He or she may be subject to parental discipline or not taken seriously by older characters. (The GM may adjust the range of ages given below to reflect the social details of the campaign setting).

1 BP – The character is slightly younger than average (12 to 14) and experiences a small degree of ageism.

2 BP – The character is much younger than average (11 or less) and experiences a large degree of ageism.
The character has an allergy to something common that others do not have. Although this Defect does not cause damage per se, it does cause the character to be incredibly ill if exposed to the substance. Possibilities include food allergies, dtergents, copper, silver, gold, fabric, or some other substance.

1 BP – The character starts to fill ill when exposed to the substance, you may start itching or develop hives because of it. Allergic to rare substance.

2 BP – The character has a very serious reaction if not treated immediately. You have an allergy to something common such as fish.
The past is a blank slate. You know nothing of your history, family, friends, or foes. Your GM makes up your character's history, including the reasons for your Amnesia. The GM may even keep your character record partially hidden, only revealing your knowledge, powers, and defects when you try to use them. In general, the only things obvious to you are the things you can see in the mirror.

3 BP - You can remember personal information about yourself and a few other details, but there are large gaps in your memory that you can't remember no matter what.

6 BP – You remember nothing, your past, is a complete mystery to you, this may include even your name.

The character is constantly hungry and looking for something to eat. When they do eat, the quantity consumed is impressive. Generally characters are more hungry after exerting a great deal of energy. Large fights or dealing with fighting a superior enemy will result in the character needing to eat many times their body weight. The character will often be out of energy, or strength, whine, and be useless until they've eaten.

1 BP – The character will get hungry every few hours or so, whining constantly until fed.

2 BP – The character is constantly hungry and will always follow the smell of food.
Attack Restriction
A character with the Attack Restriction Defect has limitations on whom he or she can attack because of moral reservations, emotional attachments, strict orders from a superior, or actual mental programming (for example, an android might be programmed to follow certain laws). The attack restriction can only be overcome during exceptional circumstances and may result in harsh consequences, including unbearable guilt or punishment by their own conscience.

1 BP – The character's restriction applies to very few people, or the character has a moderately strong reservations.

2 BP – The character's restriction applies to a number of people, or the character has very strong reservations.
Bad Skill
A character with this defect is more than untrained, they're frightening. Typical exemples include;
cooking, driving, shooting,sports,or other rather basic feats. It is left up to the Character and may be taken several times. When attempting to preform the skill in question, instead of receiving a bonus to the skill your character recieves a negative. A low or negative cooking score might mean that the cook has made it poissonous, or able to kill people. In such a case never considers their coooking that bad.

  1. BP- -10% when trying to perform the skill in question. Pathetic.
  2. BP- -20% when trying to perform the skill in question. Dangerous.
  3. BP- -40% when trying to perform the skill in question. Frightening.
  4. BP- -80% when trying to perform the skill in question. Nightmarish.
  5. BP- -160% when trying to perform the skill in question. Deadly.

The world of sight is lost to you. You automatically loseall of you Dexterity where sight would be a factor. The GM may increase your other senses since you have lost your sense of sight.

4 BP – Legally blind, you cannot se in most conditions (½ of Phsisical withinmelee range, 0 combat when fighting opponent's further then melee range)
6 BP- Totoally Blind, you can not see at all. 0 combat when fighting anyone unless the Character has the blind fighting skill)
Conditional Ownership
This defect can only be acquired by a character who can possess a cybernetic body. it is indicated that the character's body actually belongs to an organization. it is issued to the character, but the agency imposes “mild” or “strict” conditions on use.

Mild conditions” indicate that the character can use the Mecha for some personal business such as traveling but if he or she is released from the organization or disobey direct orders he met that can be taken away the character can also be assigned a different Mecha at any time for example a police division might have conditions use conditional use of an unmarked police car (or tank)

Strict conditions” indicate that the character can only permitted to use the mecha for activities as ordered by the organization this is the way most military or police Mecha are issued if the character is caught using the mecca for personal pleasure he or she will receive a severe reprimand.

1 BP – Mild conditions are impose on the mecha's ownership and usage.

2 BP - Strict conditions are impose on the mecha's ownership and usage.
Deep Sleeper
You are more sluggish than most people. You have great difficulty awakening, even signs of danger. Waking you up early is near impossible.

1 BP- You sleep deeper then most Japanese students, waking you up is no easy task.

2BP- nothing short of being attacked will awaken you.
A hideous disfigurement afflicts you, twisting your countenance in a memorable fashion.

1 BP – Your social stat is reduced by ½.
2 BP – Your social stat is effectively 0, furthermore, you suffer a penalty on your charming of others.
Easily Distracted
Some characters are Easily Distracted by events, objects, people, or ideas, which are collectively known as triggers. Notable examples of triggers include attractive members of the opposite (or same) sex, wealth, food, movie stars, hobbies, gossip, hot cars, music, one's own looks, books, or scrolls of ancient lore, and magical items. A character with this Defect will become entralled with the trigger until it can no longer influence him or her. Many characters have interests in a variety of triggers but do not possess this Defect because their interest is moderated by their sense of judgment.

1 BP – The character is distracted by one specific trigger or by a broad trigger that is encountered infrequently.

2 BP – The character is distracted by a number of triggers or by one trigger that is encountered frequently.
Girl / Guy Magnet
The character attracts suspectible girls (or guys, or even both sexes) like bees to nectar. For some reason they are just drawn to the character, fall helplessly in love (or lust), and will not let go nor give the character a minute's peace. Even worse, they will fight each other over the character to keep one from consummating the relationship. The Girl/Guy Magnet does not represent some unusual charisma on the part of the character but rather his or her fate to constantly meet obsessed people.

1 BP – At any one time, only a couple of girl/guy characters are actively chasing the character.
2 BP – Swarms of girls/guys may be after the character; a new one appears every adventure or two.
Item Dependency
The Item Dependency Defect applies if a character requires an item to help power one of his or her Powers. The item can usually assist the character to channel the required energies, and sometimes does not have any real power of its own. Should the character ever forget, lose, or misplace the item, he or she cannot have access to the item-dependent power. However, if an item is lost forever the GM should make some changes to the affected character so his or her Power will not be wasted. If an item does exhibit an independent power, it should be constructed using Item of Power.

1 BP – One or two of the character's abilities are dependent on an item.
2 BP – Three or more of the character's abilities are dependent on an item.
Lone Wolf
You find yourself having a hard time working with others. Even in a temporary capacity, it's hard for you to develop trust, and rely on others working with you to successfully carry out a mission. Chances are, you will always be working on a backup plan, possibly several. You may obssessively plan, and organize resources so you don't have to rely on others. In some cases, this defect may just be your character is shy and works better alone then in groups. Depending on the circumstances, the GM might give you penalities when you have to rely on others.

1 BP – You can work with others with some difficulty.
2 BP – You have a very difficult time working with others, especially those you don't know.

A character is considered Marked if his or her body hosts a permanent and distinguishing design that may be difficult to conceal. The design may be a family symbol, and identifying birthmark, a permanent scar, or a unique tattoo. If the mark is not considered to be out of the ordinary (such as freckles or a common tattoo), this Defect does not apply.

Characters who are obviously non-human (robotic, demonic, alien, etc.) in a setting where most people are human (or vice versa) would also have the Marked Defect. For example, a non-human that looks odd but can conceal its humanity (such as pointed ears or glowing eyes that can be hidden under hair or sunglasses) has the Marked Defect at Level 1, while one that was totally inhuman, such as having a coat of fur, huge horns, or an armored exoskeleton, would posssess this Defect at level 2.

1 BP – The mark is easily concealable because it is small or in an inconspicuous location.
2 BP – The mark is difficult to conceal because it is large or in an obvious location.
One eye
Whether by injury or defect, you are missing and I or one of your eyes does not function. You have difficulty on Alta of death perception, including range combat. Depending on the nature of your eye damage you may choose to wear an eyepatch or you may simply have a blind eye or you can choose to have a cybernetic one

1 BP - (-4) penalty to combat when targeting a Target at a range more than melee range.
2 BP - (-6) penalty to combat when targeting a Target at a range more than melee range.
The character finds any and all things relating to sex completely fascinating and spends most of their time patching the leaks in their inflatable doll, drilling holes into the girl's change room, and divising complex strategies for the next panty-raid. When confronted by the possibility of the actual act they are most likely to become over excited and usually faint.

1 BP – The character has only one pervision such as a foot fetish, or a peeping tom, or a varied collection of panties.
2 BP – Any and all perversions you can think of likely apply to this character.
A phobia is a fear (often irrational) of an event, object, or person that can limit a character's choice of actions. Avoiding situations that could trigger the phobia may take a high priority in the character's life. Note that a Phobia that effectively cripples the character with fear does not add constructively to the role-playing experience.

1 BP – The character has a minor phobia or one that is encountered infrequently.
2 BP – The character has a significant phobia or one that is encountered frequently.
Physically Unappealing
A physically unappealing character may find it difficult to blend into a crowd because their appearance is distinctive. The term “unappealing” does not necessarily mean ugly but can also refer to a bad smell, manner of speech, or even an unpleasant habit that provokes a consistently negative reaction. This Defect may be taken in conjunction with the Marked Defect. A monstrous, ugly demon is usually both Physically Unappealing and Marked. On the other hand, a beautiful, winged angel would be Marked (his or her wings) but not Physically Unappealing.

1 BP – The character is mildly unappealing. They receive penalties on any social skill use.
2 BP – The character is highly unappealing. They receive major penalties on any social skill use.
Recurring Nightmares
When the Recurring Nightmares Defect haunts a character, he or she has trouble sleeping at nights and functions at less then optimum performance during the day. The nightmare can be a memory of a tragic event or traumatic experience, or it might be something else such as a prophetic vision or warning. The nightmare may not occur every night but it will haunt the character on a regular basis. Additionally, the nightmares do not need to portray the exact same events again and again, but the visions should be related in some way. The details concerning the subject matter of the nightmares and why they occur is the responsibility of the GM and the player to create.

1 BP – The nightmares occur infrequently and have a small effect on the character's lifestyle.
2 BP – The nightmares occur frequently and have a large effect on the character's lifestyle.
Sensory impairment
One or more of the characters Senses (Sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) are either diminished or lost an example of the diminished since is being nearsighted or hard-of-hearing the GM should take the impairment into consideration when deciding what the character is able to perceive and may apply a penalty on checks to notice things with that sense. Any loss is based on the character’s status after benefiting benefiting from any technological Aids such as eyeglasses or hearing aids in the setting for example if the character is death without a hearing aid but hard of hearing with one or he or she is has a sensory impairment (diminished hearing 1 BP) in a setting where the hearing aid it was unavailable or could not connect his or her particular impairment he or she would have sensory impairment (deaf, BP 2) instead. a character that takes sensory impairment multiple times to affect more than one primary sense or a larger group of secondary senses.

1 BP - The character has a diminished primary sense such as short-sightedness or being hard of hearing or has lost a secondary sense such as taste or smell

2 BP- the character has completely lost a primary sounds like sight or hearing or has two diminished primary senses
You have trouble seeing over things interacting with tall people and escaping notice due to your proportions. You also have trouble reaching countertops and manipulating objects for normal people like cars

1 BP 4 - 5 feet tall
Skeleton in the Closet
The character has a dark secret. Exposure of the secret could cause harm to the character in the form of public humiliation, loss of job, arrest, injury, or even death. The number of BP gain from this defect is based on how severe the consequence of having the secret revealed would be. The secret must be important enough that the character will take active steps to keep others from learning of it. If the skeleton is revealed the character will suffer the associated consequences, and the GM should replace it with an appropriate defect or defects were at least as many BP as the skeleton in the closet. For example the average Lobster has 81 BP skeleton in closet they have committed crimes that could send them to jail or worse but usually they there is no easy available evidence. If their secret is discovered they will usually have skeleton in the closet replaced by an equal or higher value wanted the effect. Atpp skeleton is usually reserved for characters who face destruction if their secret is discovered which a vampire or werewolf living among humans or an undercover cop that has influenced the mob. The skeleton in the closet defect is appropriate for most servant characters.

1 BP the skeleton is very difficult to discover the consequences of discovering are not too severe, or the character's reputation will be impacted slightly

2BP- the skeleton is relatively easy to discover and or the consequences of discovering our major and or the character's reputation will be seriously impacted.
Weak Point
The character possesses an Achilles' Heel. If an attacker knows the location of the weakness (this may require study of enemy wreckage, espionage, or sensor scans), an attack aimed at that point is much more likely to cripple or kill the character. If the Weak Point is ever hit in an attack, the result is an automatic critical hit. If an actual critical hit is scored against a weak point, the character is instantly killed no matter how many Health Points he or she has.

Note that this Achilles' Heel is above and beyond normal “weak points” that people possess such as their head, heart and the like – it represents an abnormal weak point such as a bum-knee which, if hit, can cause the character to suffer potentially fatal damage, beyond what he or she would normally suffer.

1 BP – The character has a small weak point. Opponents suffer a large penality when aiming for the weak point.
2 BP – The character has a large weak point. Opponents suffer a small penality when aiming for the weak point.

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