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Character Creation

Post by MuSHa'ghach Alexanderlijn on Sun Mar 26, 2017 4:59 pm

Please post the following to introduce your character.

Power Level:
Health Points:
Active  Rating:
Attack Value:
Defense Value:
Healing Value:
Bonus Points:
Mega Attributes:

Details (Do not have to include these, just to help you fill out your character sheet).

Upon starting your adventure, you should decide on your player's concept. This describes where the character fits in the grand scheme of things. Examples include "Wandering Prince", "Violent Healer", or "Dark Priest". Write a brief description of your character to help define your strengths and weaknesses.

Power Level
Once you've decided on a concept it's time to select a power level. This determines how strong your character is as well as their responsibilities. The higher your power level, the more people look to your character as an example, a hero, a weapon, someone who can shift the balance of a conflict. Power level ranges from 1 to 5, and you may select your power level, but the higher the power level, the more responsibility you have, on the boards and in the game.

  1. Avoids the spotlight - The character of this level tends to avoid the spotlight, they neither have a great deal of power, or responsibility. Others often will consider anyone else to help, as opposed to these characters. When they are selected for something it's usually a last resort.
  2. Soldier - The character may not save a city, or threaten it on their own, but they can work as a group to do so. In some cases, they may be the friend of a power level 4 or 5 who is either always getting into trouble, or a sidekick still learning the ropes.
  3. Hero - The character defends people at a local level, a city or neighborhood, helping people the best they can during the day. They may also be someone who challenges things on a city level, threatening to change or destroy it on a day to day basis. Characters of this type tend to be famous locally, or those who have more power than they are comfortable having.
  4. Champion - Although the character might not be strong enough to save planets, they may save or threaten the world from time to time. Many look to them as the last hope when all others have failed. They are powerful, but generally not powerful enough to change the world themselves without help. Those of this level tend to be friends of power level 5's.
  5. Legendary - Someone who is the embodiment of power and rarely gets any time off for their deeds. A hero is expected to save those in need even if that is a universe, planet, or just the local city they inhabit. They have the power to change the world if they desire, or to ruin it accidentally if not smart about how they fight. Those of this level tend to be main characters.

Once your character has decided what their power level is, it's time to decide on their stats. These are Physical, Mental, Social, and Combat. You get to decide which is most important to your character. The stat that is most important gets a 4 next to it, the second strongest gets a 3, then the third gets a 2, and the least important gets a 1.

Physical - Covers running, jumping, climbing, endurance, lifting, and athletics. High stats are for athletes or those who rely on their strength.

Mental - Covers intelligence, memory, perception, solving puzzles, and learning academics. High stats are for characters such as academics or those who use intelligence over brawn.

Social - Covers appearance, grace, charm, manipulation, lying, and seduction. High stats are for characters who rely on their looks and charm or manipulate others into getting them to do something for you.

Combat - Covers targeting, hitting with a melee weapon, dodging, blocking, and most battle situations. High stats are for characters who prefer to settle things with a fight, or professional soldiers.

Some Examples;
Dahlanga Cong - A female Klingon with a chip on her shoulder and something to prove. She's not one for thinking before acting and is usually knee deep in mud as opposed to trying to charm someone.
Physical:3, Mental:1, Social:2, Combat:4.

Sko - A male Vulcan who is a bit inept when it comes to being delicate, but solid when it comes to physical or mental challenges. He has come to the academy to learn about fighting.
Physical:3, Mental:4, Social:2, Combat:1

Setha Zh-Thithoss - A Female Andorian who was sent to the school to learn some disciple and how to defend herself by her parents. She's not much of a fighter, or used to physical tasks, either using her brains or her beauty to convince others to help her.
Physical:2, Mental:3, Social:4, Combat:1

Susmos Ovum - A Male Betazoid who seeks adventure and trying out new things, his curiousity often gets him into trouble, but he's willing to try his best no matter the situation.
Physical:4, Mental:1, Social:2, Combat:3

When you have a challenge with the character, you add your appropriate stat to your dice pool. So if we use Setha as an example, if she was trying to convince someone with her charm she'd roll 7d10 if she's power level 3. 

Generally there's a difficulty level to hit, or whoever scores the highest wins.

Health Points
A character rolls a d10 for each power level they have and adds it together. This determines how much damage your character can take before unconscious. In this setting, character death doesn't happen without a lot storyteller permission.

Attack Value, Defensive Value, Healing Value
You will roll 3d20 for each of these values and place them where you would like them. Note that your character does not have to have all 3, and if you only take 1 or 2 you may divide the points from the third as you see fit.

  • Attack Value - How strong the character's ability to hit and damage is.
  • Defense Value - How strong the character's ability to defend against attacks and damage.
  • Heal Value - How well a character can heal themselves and others.

Additional Points
At the end of this, you roll a d100 to determine bonus points at the start. These can be used for stats, hp, attack, defense, and healing value, to purchase attributes, mega attributes, special powers or to buy off defects. (These will be posted later). So if your character has a mental of 2 and wants to update it to 3, it requires 30 bonus points. If going from 2 to 4 it would require 70 bonus points. Bonus points may be given for storylines, interesting posts, and interesting interactions between characters.
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